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My Miss Teen Kamuy-An Baao 2019 journey


Last August 21, 2019, I was crowned as the Miss Teen Kamuy-An Baao 2019. The moment the crown was being pinned on my head was also the moment where I realized that I should serve the purpose of being a beauty queen not just by title, but rather by actions.

I can still remember how tiring it was to travel an hour just to arrive home and attend my practice at 9 PM. Imagine being at school for 12 hours and alotting 2 hours for my practice. It was exhausting to the point where I cannot even concentrate on answering my practice questions properly. My trainor noticed that my answers are sometimes far from the topic, but I actually expected it since I was so tired and all I want to do is to sleep.

My life went like that for 2 weeks. I focused on my rigorous trainings everyday, from my walk, to my posture and smile, and I studied the nature of the possible questions when I’m at school. When I have idle time, I tried to answer questions as if I’m at an actual pageant. In that way, I was able to know how to escape dead silence, but blabbering so much is also something I avoided. Judges hate going around the bush.

During that time, It was also our midterms week, and it’s literally a HELL WEEK for me. Hell, as in dedicating all my time in studying and complying with requirements. I came to a point where I almost skipped meals just to do other tasks.

The pageant night was fast approcahing. I was busy selling my tickets, and practicing for my question and answer portion. I also need to familiarize our choreography for our production number. Imagine having a strict trainor.

Finally, the coronation night. The most awaited night for all of us. Afternoon of August 21, I already went to my make up artist for my make up. The gown that was finally delivered. My swimsuit attire, production attire, all the things that I needed was packed up. I can really say that I was really really nervous for the pageant even if it’s just 5 PM in the afternoon. My hands were shaky while I was familiarizing my lines on the phone. I need to calm down, that’s why, I went outside the room to breath fresh air. I was really hella nervous.

We finally arrived at the municipal hall. We are placed in a holding area so that the audience won’t see us. It gets really nerve wracking as minutes pass. I distract myself from nervousness by familiarizing my answers. But I know at the back of my mind, I am excited for this milestone I’m going to take. I have no idea what will happen.

We are finally at the backstage, preparing for our production number. After a couple of minutes, the pageant commenced, and I can see the municipal hall full of people, cheering for their bets. My legs were shaky and my sweat went waterfalls. The nervousness conquered me! Luckily, I didn’t made any mistakes even if I feel like I’m about to faint at any moment.

The swimsuit competition went smooth. I was a bit calmed but a bit giddy at the same time. That was the part of the pageant where we the first set of questions will be asked. It will also be the basis of the top five. I know that I answered graciously, and I really hoped my answer is what the judges wants to hear.

Fortunately, I was included in the top five, and then we were asked for the final Q and A. The gravity of our answers will clearly tell who will be crowned at that night. To be honest, I went too wordy at that time because my mind just went blank. Like space. I seriously cannot remember any of what I reviewed, that’s why I answered the question based on how I understand it. No basis, pure impromptu.

After answering, I calmed myself and my mind went blank again. I suddenly remember all my hardwork I’ve gone through. Those late night practices and rigorous trainings. I just told myself that I just need to enjoy the night without even expecting for the crown. I honestly don’t want to think that I need to win the competition. After all, there are still other ways to chase my dream.

We are called to take our final walk, and the most awaited part of the pageant finally arrived. With giddy legs and sweaty hands, I stood still on the stage, expecting nothing but enjoying the rest of the pageant.

Suddenly, my name was called and to my surprise, I won the title as the Miss Teen Kamuy-An Baao 2019. I never expected the crown.

I was so amazed and everyone dear to me was proud of me. My family, friends, my make up artist and my relatives were all in awe when the winner was announced. I can’t imagine how happy I am at that time knowing that a lot of people actually cheered for me.

That was one of the happiest moments in my life. And now that I till got the crown, I want to actualize my duty as a reigning queen.

My secret to win the crown? Practice, purpose, passion.

And now that my reign will finally end in a couple of months, the most unexpected plot twist happened. I will finally embark a journey to being a queen with a purpose. A queen who serves, and a queen who inspires.

Before ending my reign, I am ready to serve my purpose.

The purpose I shall serve

By Eris Vielle

19, Philippines | Atenean | AB Broadcasting |

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