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What have gone wrong?

If we were supposed to get it right, we won’t end up being strangers.

Silence killed us. We killed the communication, and I think that’s the most terrible that thing that ever happened to me. To us.
We just dodged the situation and acted like everything’s fine when in reality, everything’s falling apart that causes things to get worse and even worse everyday.

And yet, we both pretended that everything was fine. We acted as if things are going accordinly.
Even if we consciously know that those things are going to another direction.
Going to the path that we never wanted to take.

For days, I waited. I constantly check my phone for notifications from you. I lied everytime I remind myself that i’ve finally moved on when in reality I still get hurt with the fact that we never talked again after what happened. Seems like things only happened overnight.

Everyday i feel so less about myslef. What had gone wrong? What really happened? Did you just gave me a “valid” reason to sugarcoat the truth?

I’m still waiting, to be honest.
At least give me a closure because I deserve one.

By Eris Vielle

19, Philippines | Atenean | AB Broadcasting |

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